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assimilate (v) [吸収する;消化する;同化する;(言語・国民・小国などを)同化(融合)する]

* 通例,過去分形詞で,形容詞的に用いる。
* assimilation (n):消化;同化(作用);融合

I should assimilate wars to quarrels among the children in the nursery.

But when men assimilate themselves to machines and value only the consequences of their work, not the work itself, style disappears, to be replaced by something which to the mechanised man appears more natural, though in fact it is only more brutal.

Despite pressure to assimilate, many ethnic groups have retained their separate identities.
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He assimilated many new experiences on his European Trip.
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America has assimilated many people from Europe. / They assimilated easily into the new community.
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