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abstain (v) [慎む,控える;禁酒する;(投票を)棄権する]

* ab = away; off (離れて)/ tain = hold (保つ) → 「控える」
* abstainer(n):節制家;禁酒家
Many men who have achieved eminence believe, probably rightly, that they have profited by the lack of formal education; yet not one of them would abstain from giving a first-class education to his son.

In this case there is an element which is typical of much social morality, namely envy of those who are in a position to commit sins from which we have to abstain if we are to retain the respect of our friends.

Priests and priestesses dedicated to the service of divinities may be regarded as married to these divinities, and as therefore obliged to abstain from all intercourse with mortals.
[神々への奉仕に身をささげている男女の司祭は、これらの神々と結婚したとみなされ、それゆえ、生きている人間(mortals 俗人)との性交はすべて控える義務があると見なされる。

Some voted for it; others voted against it; the rest abstained from voting.

Generally speaking, athletes abstain from alcohol and smoking.
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He pledged to abstain from drinking once and for all.
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Five members voted for the proposal, twelve voted against, and three abstained.
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