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arouse (v) [(他動詞)目覚めさす;(感情・好奇心などを)刺激する,喚起する;(自動詞)奮い立つ;目を覚ます]

* rouse (v)と意味がかなり似ているが、arouse は他動詞だけであるが、rouse には他動詞だけでなく,自動詞(奮い立つ;目を覚ます)にもなる。
* arise の過去形 arose と混同しないこと
* arousal (n):目覚めさせること,覚醒
It is quite impossible to guess in advance what will interest a man, but most men are capable of a keen interest in something or other, and when once such an interest has been aroused their life becomes free from tedium.

Girls like dolls, constructing play houses, looking after pet animals, sewing, arts: and crafts, and so on. If their wider intellectual interests are to be aroused, it must be through biological rather than physical sciences. I think this difference between boys and girls is innate and nearly universal.

The fear of the mysterious has been already touched upon, in connection with childish terrors. I believe this fear to be instinctive, and of immense historical importance. Most superstition is due to it. Eclipses, earthquakes, plagues, and such occurrences, arouse it in a high degree among unscientific populations.
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But the method by which Moscow aims at establishing Socialism is a pioneer method, rough and dangerous, too heroic to count the cost of the opposition it arouses.

The strange behaviors of birds aroused my interest.

We aroused the little girl from her deep sleep.
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The comedian's jokes aroused laughter among the audience.
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Her behaviour aroused the suspicions of the police.
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