title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-129 agitate (v): 世論を掻き立てる,扇動する;(人を)動揺させる;かきまわす(かくはんする) - Bertrand Russell のページ
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agitate (v) [世論を掻き立てる,扇動する;(人を)動揺させる;かきまわす(かくはんする) ]

* agitate the masses 大衆を扇動する
* agitation (n):扇動
* agitator (n):扇動者
He used to come to see me every evening at midnight, and pace up and down my room like a wild beast for three hours in agitated silence.
[彼は,毎晩のように深夜午前零時(at midnight)に,私に会いにやってきて,興奮しているが何も言わず,野獣のように,3時間,部屋の中を行ったり来たりした。]

Consider the two hundred plutocratic families in France against whom French Socialists agitate.

The agitation against slavery in England in the early nineteenth century was indubitably altruistic, and was thoroughly effective.
 出典:ラッセル政治的に重要な欲求 −ノーベル文学賞受賞記念講演 1950年12月11日,ストックホルム

She used a stick to agitate the water in her bathtub.
 出典:『キクタン super 12000』p.219]

He became quite agitated when he was asked about his criminal past.
 出典: Longman Dictionary of zContemporary English, new ed.