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★ die out [絶滅する;滅びる;(風俗,習慣などが)すたれる]

When Pope Adrian VI (the last non Italian to occupy the Papal See) died a few months after his elevation, deputations of eminent Romans marched with congratulations to the house of his physician. But this spirit, alas, has died out.
* Papal See 法王

The idea that one should know one's immediate neighbours has died out in large centres of population, but still lingers in small towns and in the country. It has become a foolish idea, since there is no need to be dependent upon immediate neighbours for society. More and more it becomes possible to choose our companions on account of congeniality rather than on account of mere propinquity.
* centres = centers
* congeniality (n):(性質・趣味などの)一致,相性;適合性
* propinquity (n):(時・場所・関係の)近いこと


Within a very few years the Western nations as a whole will be diminishing in numbers except in so far as their stocks are replenished by immigration from less civilised regions. And as soon as the immigrants acquire the civilisation of the country of their adoption they in turn will become comparatively sterile. It is clear that a civilisation which has this characteristic is unstable; unless it can be induced to reproduce its numbers, it must sooner or later die out and give place to some other civilisation in which the urge towards parenthood has retained enough strength to prevent the population from declining.
* stock (n):(動植物の品種など)種族;決闘,家系;在庫品;たくわえ
* replenish (v):(・・・を)再び満たす;(・・・で・・・を)補充する
* sterile (adj.):不妊の;不毛の;無菌の


The practice of children working in factories has nearly died out.
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This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.
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