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amiable (adj.) [親しみやすい;愛想の良い;好意的な]

* amiably (adv.):愛想よく,好意的に
This is one of the least amiable traits of human nature, but history shows that there is no adequate protection against it except the just distribution of political power throughout all classes and both sexes.

When it is fear of offending, or desire to obtain some advantage by flattery, our tact is apt to be of a less amiable kind.

The Buddha was amiable and enlightened; on his deathbed he laughed at his disciples for supposing that he was immortal.

Though the reception accorded Human Society in Ethics and Politics was so amiable, its publication had failed to quiet my uneasiness.
[私の『倫理と政治における人間社会』(Human Society in Ethics and Politics, 1954)は非常に好意的に受け取られたが,その出版によっても私の不安は解消されなかった(不安を鎮めることができなかった)。

He was an amiable old gentlemen of seventy-one.

He is usually kind and amiable.
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Her parents seemed very amiable.
[ 出典Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th ed.]