「理性の奴隷(?)」(ラッセル) 対 デマゴーグ(D.H.ロレンス)

Lawrence-1912 最初,私が D. H. ロレンスに惹きつけられたのは,彼のある種の精力的な性格(特質)や,人が当然のことと考えがちな仮定(憶説)に挑戦する(異議を唱える)彼の習癖であった。私はすでに,不当に(必要以上に)「理性の奴隷」になっていると非難されるのに馴れていた。そうして,彼は私に活気を与える一服の不合理を与えてくれるものと考えた。事実,私はある一定の刺激を彼から受けた。また,彼を知らずに書いた本の出来よりも,彼からの猛烈な非難にもかかわらず書いた本の出来の方がより良かったと思う。

What at first attracted me to Lawrence was a certain dynamic quality and a habit of challenging assumptions that one is apt to take for granted. I was already accustomed to being accused of undue slavery to reason, and I thought perhaps that he could give me a vivifying dose of unreason. I did in fact acquire a certain stimulus from him, and I think the book that I wrote in spite of his blasts of denunciation was better than it would have been if I had not known him.
But this is not to say that there was anything good in his ideas. I do not think in retrospect that they had any merit whatever. They were the ideas of a sensitive would-be despot who got angry with the world because it would not instantly obey. When he realised that other people existed, he hated them. But most of the time he lived in a solitary world of his own imaginings, peopled by phantoms as fierce as he wished them to be. His excessive emphasis on sex was due to the fact that in sex alone he was compelled to admit that he was not the only human being in the universe. But it was so painful that he conceived of sex relations as a perpetual fight in which each is attempting to destroy the other.
出典: The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.2 chap. 1:The First War, 1968]

日本にも D. H. ロレンスを礼賛する文学者や愛好家がけっこういますが、仮にロレンスが身近な人間であったとしてもそれらのひとがロレンスを「礼賛」するかは疑問です。

One of the most important elements of success in becoming a man of genius is to learn the art of denunciation. You must always denounce in such a way that your reader thinks that it is the other fellow who is being denounced and not himself; in that case he will be impressed by your noble scorn, whereas if he thinks that it is himself that you are denouncing, he will consider that you are guilty of ill-bred peevishness.
出典: How to become a man of genius (written in Dec. 28, 1932 and pub. in Mortals and Others, v.1, 1975.]


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