ドンファン・タイプの男 The Don Juan type

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c099】

The Don Juan type, while it believes itself very manly, is really the
victim of a mother complex.
From:  Our woman haters (written in May 25, 1932 and pub. in Mortals and Others, v.1, 1975.]
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恋愛と結婚 mixing up romantic love with marriage

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c098】

A great deal of our modern trouble has come from mixing up romantic love, which is a poetic and anarchic impulse, with marriage, which is a social institution. The French have not made this mistake, and on the whole they are considerably happier in these respects than English-speaking nations
[From: Sex and happiness (written in Aug. 5, 1931 and pub. in Mortals and Others, v.1, 1975.]
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愛は大地の生の一部 Love is part of the life of Earth

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c097】

Love is an experience in which our whole being is renewed and refreshed as is that of plants by rain after drought. In sex intercourse without love there is nothing of this. When the momentary pleasure is ended, there is fatigue, disgust, and a sense that life is hollow. Love is part of the life of Earth; sex without love is not.
From: The Conquest of Happiness, 1930, chap.4: boredom and excitement
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信じられる恋愛 the kind of love that I can believe in

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c096】

I have by no means lost my belief in love, but the kind of love that I can believe in is not the kind that the Victorians admired; it is adventurous and open-eyed, and, while it gives knowledge of good, it does not involve forgetfulness of evil, nor does it pretend to be sanctified or holy.
From: The Conquest of Happiness, 1930, chap.2:The Byronic unhappiness.
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(From: Bertrand Russell: THe Good Citizen’s Alphabet, 1953)

恋愛 Love

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c095】

Love is the first and commonest form of emotion leading to cooperation, and those who have experienced love with any intensity will not be content with a philosophy that supposes their highest good to be independent of that of the person loved.
From: The Conquest of Happiness, 1930, chap.2:Byronic unhappiness

お互いを褒め合う社会 a mutual admiration society

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c094】

A couple may form, as the Brownings did, a mutual admiration society. It is very pleasant to have someone at hand who is sure to praise your work, whether it deserves it or not.
From: The Conquest of Happiness, 1930, chap.2:The Byronic unhappiness.

朝食前に肉体労働をすれば・・・ to do an hour’s digging or other outdoor manual work before breakfast

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c093-2】

Any man who contemplates writing a book or engaging in any forms of preaching or propaganda should be obliged to do an hour’s digging or other outdoor manual work before breakfast. By that time breakfast would be such a delight that throughout the rest of the day he would be incapable of thinking that all is vanity.
From: Why are we discontented? In: Mortals and Others; Bertrand
Russell’s American Essays, v.1 (1975)
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現代の厭世主義者たちへ Modern pesimists

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c093】

I believe that if our pessimists were subjected to a rigorous regimen of physical exercise, simple but wholesome diet and long hours of sleep, they would begin to find all sorts of things worth doing and would feel hopeful as to the possibility of doing some of these things themselves.
From: Why are we discontented? In: Mortals and Others; Bertrand
Russell’s American Essays, v.1 (1975)
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暗い時代には遠い未来に思いを馳せ・・・ the thought of a more distant future  

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c092】

I like to think that civilisation will continue to improve, and the opposite thought when it comes, as it sometimes will, is depressing. In these days, when the immediate outlook is somewhat gloomy, the thought of a more distant future is often cheering.
[From: Taking long views, Mar. 30,1932. In Mortals and Others, v.1, 1975.]

拝金主義 Merit not measured in money

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c091】

The ideal of financial success is set before the young by most of the influences that form their minds.  …  Merit not measured in money comes to be despised. Every kind of sensitiveness, being a handicap in the struggle, is regarded as a stigma of failure.
[From: Fope and Fear, Oct. 7,1932. In Mortals and Others, v.1, 1975.]
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