insincerity 偽善(言行不一致)

【 バートランド・ラッセル(Bertrand Russell)の言葉 r366-c107】


Although my self-righteousness at that time seems to me in retrospect repulsive, there were substantial grounds for my criticisms. She tried to be more impeccably virtuous than is possible to human beings, and was thus led into insincerity. Like her brother Logan, she was malicious, and liked to make people think ill of each other, but she was not aware of this, and was instinctively subtle in her methods. She would praise people in such a way as to cause others to admire her generosity, and think worse of the people praised than if she had criticised them. Often malice made her untruthful. She told Mrs. Whitehead that I couldn’t bear children, and that the Whitehead children must be kept out of my way as much as possible. At the same time she told me that Mrs. Whitehead was a bad mother because she saw so little of her children. During my bicycle ride a host of such things occurred to me, and I became aware that she was not the saint I had always supposed her to be. But in the revulsion I went too far, and forgot the great virtues that she did in fact possess.
 出典: The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.1, chap. 6:        Principia Mathematica, 1967]


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