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ラッセルの英語「類義語シリーズ」 r_ruigigo-g04

goal / target / aim / objective | 総索引


【"goal":"goal"も"target"も,主として,"personal pursuit"であり,"gpal"の方は先行きの長い目的で,通常その達成には全身全霊を傾ける必要のあるもの。多くの場合、願望・希望の形をとり、細かい具体性はあまりない。】

(1-1) The goal of her ambition was to achieve a good marriage.

(1-2) Our goal is to maintain the firm's global position and prosperity.

(2-1) Our sales target this year is the entire upscale area of New York.

(2-2) The government's lower rice production targets have met general approval.

(3) Her aim was to study in an American college, her whole efforts were directed towards it from the first day in highschool.

(4) My objective this summer is to learn Spanish.


The working life of this man has the psychology of a hundred-yards race, but as the race upon which he is engaged is one whose only goal is the grave, the concentration, which is appropriate enough for a hundred yards, becomes in the end somewhat excessive.

For instance, they felt sure that the buses that they hired to take demonstrators from London to one of the targets, Wethersfield, would turn up since the bus drivers themselves had professed themselves sympathetic to the Committee's views.

I would spend hours trying to find the shortest way of saying something without ambiguity, and to this aim I was willing to sacrifice all attempts at aesthetic excellence. .
 出典:ラッセル「私の文章作法 (How I write)」

Wherever avoidance of error is the chief thing aimed at, education tends to produce an intellectually bloodless type.
 出典:ラッセル『 教育論』第二部_性格の教育_第6章「建設的であること

People propose to themselves some one paramount objective, and restrain all impulses that do not minister to it. A business man may be so anxious to grow rich that to this end he sacrifices health and the private affections.

(2) on the control of nuclear weapons, which outlined the general objectives of disarmament which subsequent conferences discussed in detail.
[(2) 核兵器の管理(統制)に関する委員会  この委員会では軍縮の一般的な目的を概括的にまとめており,その後のパグウォッシュ会議で詳細に論じられた。]


The ball missed the goal.
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He became the target of bitter criticism.
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I've set myself a target of saving $50 a week.
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They always aim to make the best possible choice.
 出典:『英単語ターゲット1900』, p.39

He aimed a gun carefully at a target.
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Our objectives .is to increase productivity.
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Our objective is to achieve full employment.
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