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★ stick / adhere / cohere


【"stick":「粘着する」意味の口語調の言葉。愛情からくる執着は、stick を使い、adhere は使わない。】

(1-1) Two people marry usually because they intend to stick to each other to the end of their lives, and to let the world know about it.

(1-2) The drawer of my desk has stuck and I can't open it.

(2-1) He adhered to his agrarian land reformist principle all his life.

(2-2) Abdomen tissues sometimes adhere after surgery.

(3-1) His rhetorical phrases always cohere into a unity most effectively.

(3-2) Her article is incoherent in spots.


I was impressed by the fact that limpets stick to the rock when one tries to pull them off.

We both believed that the dangers must be called to the attention of the public in as many ways as possible and that if we stuck to merely meetings and even marches, no matter how admirable they might be, we should end by preaching only to the already converted.

The general rule to which I adhere in determining to which requests for interviews to accede to is to refuse all those that show signs of being concerned with details of what is known as my 'private life' rather than my work and ideas.

I do not myself adhere to either school, since the interconnection of economics and sex does not appear to me to show any clear primacy of the one over the other from the point of view of causal efficacy.

Philosophies are more unified than life. In life, we have many desires, but a philosophy is usually inspired by some one dominant desire which gives it coherence.


It would be wise to keep quiet and stick to the usual routine.

He will stick to his promise if he gives it.
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Some of the committee members adhere to the former proposal.

Most people adhere to the religion of their parents.
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to make two surfaces cohere
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His explanation is precise and coherent.