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★ solitude / seclusion / isolation



(1-1) He lives in solitude.

(1-2) He is fond of solitude.

(1-3) Living in these solitudes, well supplied with foods and other necessities, you must be leading a life of real creative contentment.
[こんな人里離れた閑静な場所で(注:solitidudes 複数形の場合は「人里離れた場所」の意)、食料や日用品はたっぷり支給され、さぞ創作活動に満足のいく生活をしていられるのでようね。]

(2-1) She secluded herself in her room to write her report.

(2-2) You can enjoy your privacy only in the seclusion of your home.

(3-1) Several villages have been isolated by the stoppage of the local line by the snow.

(3-2) To put the congagious disease under control, they keep very close track of all carries and isolate them.


She seemed cut off from everyone and everything by walls of agony, and the sense of the solitude of each human soul suddenly overwhelmed me.

Underlying all occupations and all pleasures I have felt since early youth the pain of secludion.

By the seclusion which it forced upon respectable women it made them dull and uninteresting. .

Every isolated passion is, in isolation, insane; sanity may be defined as a synthesis of insanities.
 出典:Bertrand Russell: Nightmares of Eminent Persons and Other Storiesの中のIntroduction

This isolation is not only a source of pain, it also causes a great dissipation of energy in the unnecessary task of maintaining mental independence against hostile surroundings, and in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred produces a certain timidity in following out ideas to their logical conclusions.


His love of solitude was balanced by an equal love of company.

As his wife died three years ago, the old man lives in solitude.
 出典:『新版完全征服データベース5500 合格 英単語・熟語』p.299

In some countries the seclusion of women (= keeping them away from men) is still the custome.
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.

The patient was isolated from the other patients.
 出典:『キクタン super 12000』p.15

Several villages have been isolated by the floods.
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