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The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.1

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 また別の機会に,私がアイルランドで彼と一緒に歩いている時,2人でバス乗り場に向かったが,私は何の考えもなしに,一番大きく,一番乗り心地が良さそうなバスに向かった。彼が私の腕をつかみ,バスの一種である,おんぼろの小さなジャロピー(jalopie;jalopy 右写真)の方へ急がせた時の彼の言い方はまったくビックリするものであった。彼は,真面目な顔で,'この小さなおんぼろバスは,勇敢にも大企業連合に挑戦している'と(自分の言動を)弁明した。

By temperament he was inclined to anarchism; he hated system and organisation and uniformity. Once, when I was with him on Westminster Bridge, he pointed with delight to a tiny donkey-cart in the middle of the heavy traffic. 'That's what I like,' he said, 'freedom for all sorts.'
On another occasion, when I was walkiug with him in Ireland, we went to a bus station, where I, without thinking, made for the largest and most comfortable bus. His expression was quite shocked as he took me by the arm and hurried me away to a shabby little 'jalopie' of a bus, explaining gravely that it was pluckily defying the big combines.
His opinions were often somewhat wayward, and he had no objection to giving his prejudices free rein. He admired rebels rather more, perhaps, than was wholly rational. He had a horror of anything that seemed calculating, and I once shocked him deeply by saying that a war could not be justified unless there was a likelihood of victory. To him, heroic and almost hopeless defiance appeared splendid. Many of his prejudices were so consonant to my feelings that I never had the heart to argue with them - which in any case would have been a hopeless task.
With his temperament and opinions, it was natural that he should hate the Sidney Webbs. When they took up Poor Law Reform, he would say that, since everyone else rejected their attempts at regulation, they had at last been driven to organise the defenceless paupers. He would allege, as one of their triumphs of organisation, that they employed a pauper with a peg leg to drill holes for the potatoes.