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ラッセルの英語「類義語シリーズ」 r_ruigigo-d06

describe / depict / delineate | 総索引


【"delineate":複雑な対象を線描のように微妙なところまで描くことを意味する言葉(line が語の部分に含まれていることに注意)】

(1-1) Words cannot describe what I went through.

(1-2) Can you describe the purse you have lost?
[あなたが失くしたハンドバックはどんなハンドバックでしたか? おっしゃってください。]

(2-1) His picture depicts the landscape at the moment of its greatest autumnal splendor.

(2-2) Some historians object to Shakespeare's depiction of King Richard 3rd as a cold-blooded schemer.

(3) Laurence Olivier delineates the many-faced character of Hamlet.


As I was not present, I shall not attempt to describe in detail the action or findings of this or any of the other conferences.

I am at the moment not concerned to prove any thesis, but merely to describe. Perhaps the simplest way to describe the difference between the two sorts of happiness is to say that one sort is open to any human being, and the other only to those who can read and write.

The child was destined to become a clergyman, and presumably had to be taught to depict the terrors of the damned with the vividness of one who has experienced them.

Some of his novels depict convincingly heroes not unlike himself.
 出典:ラッセルH. G. ウェルズ

It is delineated quite accurately in The Vicar of Wakefield.
[それは,(オリバー・ゴールドスミス, 1728‐1774 の)『ウェイクフィールドの牧師』の中で,きわめて正確に描写されている。]

History is not concerned only with large-scale pageants, nor with the delineation of different kinds of societies. It is concerned also, and equally, with individuals who are noteworthy on their own account.


Words fail me to describe the beauty of this landscape.
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Comic books use picture to describe the action.
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The book depict him as a rather unpleasant character.
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The story depicts the relentless battle between two politicians.
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delineate charactor
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Biography must to some extent delineate characters.
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