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The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, v.1

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 時に,会話はより最近におよんだ。そうして,どうしてカーライル(Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881年:イギリスの歴史家)ハーバート・スペンサー(Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903年:英国の哲学者,社会学者)を 「全くの空虚」と呼んだか,また,ダーウィン(Charles Robert Darwin, 1809-1882)はイギリスの自然科学者。卓越した地質学者・生物学者)グラッドストーン(William Ewart Gladstone, 1809-1898:政治家。4度首相を務める)の訪問をうけてどうしてそれを大きな名誉と感じたか,といった話を聞かされたものである。

Pembroke Lodge の庭(1980年松下撮影)
ラッセルが18歳まで住んだ Pembroke Lodge の庭の画像(松下が1980年に撮影したもの)

The garden seemed to remember the days of its former splendour, when foreign ambassadors paced its lawns, and princes admired its trim beds of flowers. It lived in the past, and I lived in the past with it. I wove fantasies about my parents and my sister. I imagined the days of my grandfather's vigour. The grown-up conversation to which I listened was mostly of things that had happened long ago; how my grandfather had visited Napoleon in Elba, how my grandmother's great-uncle had defended Gibraltar during the American War of Independence, and how her grandfather had been cut by the County for saying that the world must have been created before 4004 B.C. because there is so much lava on the slopes of Etna. Sometimes the conversation descended to more recent times, and I should be told how Carlyle had called Herbert Spencer a "perfect vacuum," or how Darwin had felt it a great honour to be visited by Mr. Gladstone.
My father and mother were dead, and I used to wonder what sort of people had been. In solitude I used to wander about the garden, alternately collecting birds' eggs and meditating on the flight of time. If I may judge by my own recollections, the important and formative impressions of childhood rise to consciousness only in fugitive moments in the midst of childish occupations, and are never mentioned to adults. I think periods of browsing during which no occupation is imposed from without are important in youth because they give time for the formation of these apparently fugitive but really vital impressions.
昔の Pembroke Lodge
(撮影年月日不詳/Russell Archives所蔵)