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  1. ラッセルの著作に使用されている単語・熟語等を抜粋した用例集 (編集動機など)
  2. ごく簡単なものやあまり活用できそうもない難しい単語等は除く
  3. 当面,単語と熟語を混在させる。必要があれば,単語集と熟語集に分割する。
  4. 『東大英単』や『東工大英単』に収録されている単語及び熟語>はできるだけ「ラッセル英単」にも収録する。
  5. [用例収集方法]
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absolutely absorb absurd accompany accumulate account accuse acquiesce adapt advent
advocate affection agent alternative altruistic ambiguos apparent apply artificial ascetic
atheist attract authority awkward  || (番外) asinine
 // (熟語) all but anything but apart from as a rule as for as it is as opposed to 
as the case may be as yet associate with  at a loss at all cost at once at the mercy of  
balance bankrupt banish barely barren befall boredom breakdown breed brood 
  || (番外) Bolshevik
 // (熟語)  be bound to  be due to  be lost in  be obliged to  be possessed by be subject to
be to bring up by far by oneself 
cause celibacy certain challenge charge circumstances claim class coincidence communism
compassion compatible compress concede conceive condition confidence confine
conscience consent consolation conspicuous constitute contradiction corruption creep critical
 || (番外) Christian
  // (熟語) cannot possibly (could not possibly) care for carry out come accros 
come into being (existence) consist in cope with 
deduct deference delusion denote derive description destitute detect device diffuse
disarmament discipline disgrace disgust dismiss disposition dissent distil distort distract
distress diversity dominate drain  || (番外) diabolic
  // (熟語) do well to (do well not to) do without dwell upon (on)
eccentric efficient enchant envy embody empirical engage evening evolve explicit exploit
 extract || (番外) erroneous
  // (熟語) embark on (upon) <
facilitate fanaticism fatigue feature finite fluctuate frequency friction function
fundamental futile  || (番外) foolish
 // (熟語) fall bakc on (upon) for all for good or evil for oneself 
generation genesis germ global ground guarantee  || (番外) greedy
 // (熟語) get back get rid of get the better of give way go out one's way (to) go so far as to
habitual herd heredity heterogeneous hierarchy homogeneous honesty hositility humanity 
hypocrisy hypothesis   || (番外) holy
 // (熟語) hit upon (on) 
ideology idle imperative indecision independent indicate infinity ingenious inherent
insurance integrate intelligence  interfere intoxication issue || (番外) ignorant
 // (熟語) I dare say (I daresay) if anything in advance in all likelihood in due course 
in [good (real)] earnest  in oneself in store for in terms of  in the air in the face of
in the interest(s) of in the matter of in the middle of in the way of / in one's way in turn 
justice justify  || (番外) jolly  
kindergarten || (番外) knowledge
 // (熟語) know better (than to)   
layer lesson liable liberal literary love || (番外) liberty 
 // (熟語) live on   
machinery maintain malice manage manipulate material maxim measure mediate meditate
midnight misery mistress modern modify || (番外) mystery
 // (熟語) make believe (make-believe) make for make the most (best) of  make out
make the most (best) of  make up for  may well  
nation nature negligible  negotiate nerve nightmare notice notion nuisance
|| (番外) nincompoop
 // (熟語)  no more than not more than not so much 〜 as [every] now and then
oblige oblivion obscure observation occasion occupation occurrence odd ovewhelm
 || (番外)  objective
 // (熟語) of the day  on behalf of once (and) for all only too (... to) 
passion patriotism peculiar peril persist perspective plot power practical precise predicate
premise prescribe probability process profound proposition prosecute prudent
 || (番外) pedant
 // (熟語) persuade oneself (of) prefer to pull oneself together 
Q.E.D. quality quarter quasi || (番外)  queer
radical ramify react realistic reasonable rebel recollection reconcile reduce reflect refuge
 regulate relation remedy represent resemble restrain retain || (番外) rational
 // (熟語) refer to refrain from resort to
self-righteous sense singular sphere stabilize sterile strain subjective submit suggest
substance substitute suppress suspend swear symptom synthesis || (番外) sacrifice
 // (熟語)  seeing that so far so much so that such as it is / such as they are 
tangible  technical  temper  thrust  tolerance  trait  tramp  transcend transition trouble
truth || (番外) true
 // (熟語) take in take refuge  to the effect ... that  turn out  turn up
unconscious undermine undue universal  unprecedented || (番外) unfair
 // (熟語) used to  
valid vanish variable vent vice violate || (番外) virtue  
warrant witness worth while  || (番外) wisdom
 // (熟語) with the result that
 || (番外) xenophobia
 || (番外) youth  
zest  || (番外) zeal
自動詞 lie の過去形 lay と 他動詞 lay の現在形を混同しないこと