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Marriage and Morals, 1929


第二十一章 結論 n.13

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第二十一章 結論 n.13

 最初から正しく訓練された本能は,カルヴァン主義者の原罪信仰によって吹き込まれた教育から生じる結果よりも,ずっとよいものを生み出すことができる。しかし,そのような教育(注:カルヴァン主義による教育など)が悪い働きをするままにしておくならば,後年になってその影響を取り消すことはきわめて困難である。精神分析が世界に与えた最も重要な利益の一つは,幼年期初期禁止したり,脅したりすることによる悪影響を発見したことである。この影響を取り除くには,精神分析的な治療の長い時間(all the time 治療に必要な長い時間)と技術が必要になるかもしれない(可能性がある)。これは,誰が見てもそれとわかるような損傷を受けた神経症患者のみにあてはまるのではない。一見(apparently 外見的には)正常に見える人びとの大部分にもあてはまるのである。
 幼い頃に因習的な育て方をされた人は,十中八九,結婚と性に対して,一般に言って,見苦しくなく分別のある態度をとることがある程度できなくなっている,と私は信じている。私が最善とみなすような態度や行動は,このような人びとには不可能になってしまっている。せいぜいできること(可能な最善のこと)は,彼らに自分がこうむった損傷に気づかせ,自分が不具にされたと同じやり方でわが子を不具にすること(maim ひどく傷つけること)をやめるように説得することである。

Chapter XXI: Conclusion, n.13

It must not be supposed that the sort of thing which a sane advocate of greater freedom desires is to be achieved at once by leaving adults, or even adolescents, who have been brought up under the old, severe, restrictive maxims to the unaided promptings of the damaged impulses which are all the moralist has left to them. This is a necessary stage, since otherwise they will bring up their children as badly as they were brought up; but it is no more than a stage. Sane freedom must be learnt from the earliest years, since otherwise the only freedom possible will be a frivolous, superficial freedom, not freedom of the whole personality. Trivial impulses will lead to physical excesses, while the spirit remains in fetters. Instinct rightly trained from the first can produce something much better than what results from an education inspired by a Calvinistic belief in original sin, but when such an education has been allowed to do its evil work, it is exceedingly difficult to undo the effect in later years. One of the most important benefits which psycho-analysis has conferred upon the world is its discovery of the bad effects of prohibitions and threats in early childhood ; to undo these effects may require all the time and technique of a psycho-analytic treatment. This is true not only of those obvious neurotics who have suffered damage visible to everyone; it is true also of most apparently normal people. I believe that nine out of ten who have had a conventional upbringing in their early years have become in some degree incapable of a decent and sane attitude towards marriage and sex generally. The kind of attitude and behaviour that I should regard as the best has been rendered impossible for such people; the best that can be done is to make them aware of the damage that they have sustained and to persuade them to abstain from maiming their children in the same way in which they have been maimed.
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