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バートランド・ラッセル 結婚論 第8章 (松下 訳)- Marriage and Morals, 1929, by Bertrand Russell

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第八章 性知識に関するタブー n.16 - 性教育が合理的なものであれば


Chapter VIII: The Taboo on sex knowledge, n.16

Many people will agree that these consequences of the law against obscene publications are regrettable, but they will nevertheless hold that such a law is necessary. I do not myself believe that it is possible to frame a law against obscenity which will not have these undesirable consequences, and in view of this fact, I should myself be in favour of having no law whatever upon the subject. The argument in favour of this thesis is twofold: on the one hand, that no law can forbid the bad without forbidding the good also, and on the other hand, that publications which are undoubtedly and frankly pornographic would do very little harm if sex education were rational.
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