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★ fraud (n)【詐欺;詐欺行為;詐欺師】

* credit card fraud クレジットカード詐欺
* fraudulent (adj.):詐欺(行為)の;不正の
"The machinery of fraud," says Grote, "whereby the people were to be cheated into a temporary submission, as a prelude to the machinery of force whereby such submission was to be perpetuated against their consent -- was the stock in trade of Grecian usurpers."
[グロウトは次のように言っている。「人々を騙して一時的に(でも)従属させる詐欺の機構(からくり)は,人々の同意に反してでもそのような従属状態を永続化させようとする軍事機構の前兆としてものであり −(それは)古代ギリシアの(権力の)強奪者の常套手段(手口)であった」。]

The criminal law may rightly be invoked to prevent violence or fraud inflicted upon unwilling victims, but it ought not to be invoked when whatever damage there may be is suffered only by the agents always assuming that the agents are adults.
[刑法は,欲せざる(同性愛の)被害者に加えられる暴力や詐欺行為を防ぐために発動されることは正しいであろうが,どのような被害(損傷)があろうとも,それが、自分(agents 行為者本人)は成人(大人)であると常に考える行為者によってのみなされる時には, (注:成人した者が同性愛行為をしている場合は)、刑法を発動するべきではない。]

The forger and the fraudulent company promoter belong to a different category; they differ from other men chiefly by the fact that they are more optimistic.

As soon as the man's business was proved a fraud, all his property was seized.
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get money by fraud
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The man was sued for fraud.
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She got a five-year jail sentence for fraud.
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