Bertrand Russell's Best; Silhouettes in Satire, selected and introduced by Robert E. Egner (London; Allen & Unwin, 1958. 113 p. 20 cm.)

* Robert E. Egner is a professor of philosophy at Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Meaning of symbols
1. Psychology  an essay introducing section 'Psychology'
2. Religion  an essay introducing section 'Religion'
3. Sex and marriage  an essay introducing section 'Sex and marriage'
4. Education  an essay introducing section 'Education'
5. Politics  an essay introducing section 'Politics'
6. Ethics  an essay introducing section 'Ethics'


From Jacket:
The works of Bertrand Russell have made such a deep impression on thinking in the English-speaking world, as well as elsewhere, that little need be said by way of introduction. Books by Russell and books about Russell are already large in number. The present volume attempts to offer something which is, so far, unique: a careful selection of some of the wittiest and most pungent of Russell's quotations combed from his various writings, and including choice items from his most recent book, Portraits from Memory.
It is a distinct tribute to the sharp humour and concise clarity of Russell's writing that this selection has resulted in a volume which is both instructive and delighting. The reader versed in Philosophy will enjoy the selections as fully as the reader whose familiarity with the more serious aspects of Philosophy is limited. For the latter group the essays introducing the sections will provide a sufficient background for understanding the context of the quotations. In any event, many of the selections concern topics of broad interest and there are few which cannot be heartily enjoyed by the general reader. After covering this volume it is hoped that the reader will appreciate that serious thought and keen humour make an excellent partnership as well as understand why Russell has been both an influential and controversial figure for more than half a century.