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"バートランド・ラッセル 結婚論 第10章
不十分な性教育の弊害(松下 訳)

Marriage and Morals, 1929, by Bertrand Russell

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 第十章 結婚 n.7

 まず,(現在よりも文明化されるならば消滅するであろう)後者の原因から考えてみよう。これらの不幸の原因のうちで最も重要なのは,悪しき性教育であり,これは,小作農の間よりも,裕福な人びとの間でずっと一般的に見受けられる。小作農(裕福でない農民)の子供たちは早くから,いわゆる性の実態(注:facts of life 人生の事実)に慣れるようになり,そのことを、子供たちは,人間の間ばかりではなく,動物の間でも観察することができる。こうして,彼らは,(性的)無知と過度の潔癖さから救われる。これに反して,注意深く教育されてきた裕福な家の子供たちは,性的な事柄に関する実際的な知識から遮断されている。また,最も現代的な親でさえ,子供たちに(動物の性に関する事実について)書物から教えるので,小作農(農民)の子供が早くから身につけるところの実際に親しんでいるという感覚を子供に与えることができない。

Chapter X: Marriage, n.7

Among civilized people in the modern world none of these conditions for what is called happiness exist, and accordingly one finds that not many marriages after the first few years are happy. Some of the causes of unhappiness are bound up with civilization, but others would disappear if men and women were more civilized than they are. Let us begin with the latter. Of these the most important is bad sexual education, which is a far commoner thing among the well-to-do than it can ever be among peasants. Peasant children early become accustomed to what are called the facts of life, which they can observe not only among human beings but among animals. They are thus saved from both ignorance and fastidiousness. The carefully educated children of the well-to-do, on the contrary, are shielded from all practical knowledge of sexual matters, and even the most modern parents, who teach children out of books, do not give them that sense of practical familiarity which the peasant child early acquires. The triumph of Christian teaching is when a man and woman marry without either having had previous sexual experience. In a large proportion of cases where this occurs, the results are unfortunate. Sexual behaviour among human beings is not instinctive, so that the inexperienced bride and bridegroom, who are probably quite unaware of this fact, find themselves overwhelmed with shame and discomfort. It is little better when the woman alone is innocent but the man has acquired his knowledge from prostitutes. Most men do not realize that a process of wooing is necessary after marriage, and many well-brought-up women do not realize what harm they do to marriage by remaining reserved and physically aloof. All this could be put right by better sexual education, and is in fact very much better with the generation now young than it was with their parents and grandparents. There used to be a widespread belief among women that they were morally superior to men on the ground that they had less pleasure in sex. This attitude made frank companionship between husbands and wives impossible. It was of course in itself quite unjustifiable, since failure to enjoy sex, so far from being virtuous, is a mere physiological or psychological deficiency, like a failure to enjoy food, which also a hundred years ago was expected of elegant females.
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