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★ feast 【(n)(豪華な)宴会;ごちそう;(宗教上の)祝祭,祝祭日 || (v) (人に)ごちそうする,もてなす:(目・耳を・・・で)楽しませる】
In China, guests at a banquet used to be expected to smack their lips loudly while eating and to display, at the conclusion of the feast, the most unmistakable signs of having overeaten.
* smack (v):(唇を動かして)舌鼓を打つ;音をたててキスをする
* unmistakable (adj.):紛れのない,明白な


We dined with her on Thanksgiving Day. She was a very greedy old lady, and had supplied a feast which required a gargantuan stomach. Just as we were about to eat the first mouthful, she said: 'Let us pause and think of the poor.' Apparently she found this thought an appetizer.
[彼女は非常に大食の老女であり,ガルガンチョアのような巨大な胃を必要とするほどたくさんの'ご馳走'を用意した。ちょうど私たちが,最初の一口をまさに食べようとした時,彼女は言った。 「食べる前に,少しの間,貧しい人々のことを考えましょう」 明らかに彼女は,このように食べる前に貧しい人のことを考えることは,食欲を促す前菜になると思っていた(ようである)。

They danced, shouted and killed a cow for a feast.

Christmas is an important feast for Christians.
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a wedding feast
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Lunch was a feast of meat and vegetables, cheese, yoghurt and fruit, with unlimited wine.
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