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allowance (n) [手当;小遣い;差し引き,値引き]

* without allowances 斟酌なしに,手加減なしに
* housing allowance 住宅手当
* allow (v):許す
In that case you must realise that while you can still render them (= your children) material services, such as making them an allowance or knitting them jumpers, you must not expect that they will enjoy your company.

I think there would presently come to be a demand that police interference should cease, with the corollary that even the mothers of illegitimate children should receive the allowance.
[私の考えでは,やがて(presently まもなく),警察の干渉は中止すべきだ,という要求が持ち出されるだろぅし,その当然の帰結は(with the corollary),私生児の母でさえも(公的)手当を受けるべきである,ということになるだろう。]

Does the salary include a family allowance?
 出典:『キクタン TOEIC TEST SCORE 800』p.185]

The scholarship includes an allowance (of £100) for books.
 出典: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.