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apathy (n) [無関心;無感動;冷淡]

* syn (相手と同じ)→ sympathy(共感); anti(相手に反する)→ antipathy(反感); a (an)(= not, without ない)→ apathy(無関心;無感動)[因みに,telepathy 離れた相手に感情を送る「テレパシー」
* apathetic (adj.):無関心な
As for your suggestion that men feel a sense of futility, that is part of the argument I have been making in this country since 1945. You are quite right, it is not apathy, but a great sense of helplessness which cripples people.

The world is in a bad way at present, and those who know no history are inclined to suppose that it has never been in such a state before. This point of view leads to despair and apathy.

It seemed more than ever as if new methods must be sought to impress upon the public the increasingly precarious state of international affairs before people relapsed into frustrated apathy.

There was a feeling of apathy among the students.

When we speak of a calm state of mind, we shouldn't confuse that with an apathetic state of mind.
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He was sunk in apathy after his failure.
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