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appetite (n) [食欲;欲求;欲望]

* 森一郎『(新版)試験にでる英単語』p.54説明: ap < ad (強意) + pet = seek , ite = 名詞接尾辞(ここでは,強くもとめるもの)
* appetizer (n):食前酒;前菜
Purely physical fatigue, provided it is not excessive, tends if anything to be a cause of happiness; it leads to sound sleep and a good appetite, and gives zest to the pleasures that are possible on holidays.

Wherever jealousy is aroused, even if it be only faintly, the sexual act appears to us disgusting, and the appetite which leads to it loathsome.

Just as we were about to eat the first mouthful, she said: 'Let us pause and think of the poor.' Apparently she found this thought an appetizer.
[ちょうど私たちが,最初の一口をまさに食べようとした時,彼女は言った。 「食べる前に,少しの間,貧しい人々のことを考えましょう」 明らかに彼女は,このように食べる前に貧しい人のことを考えることは,食欲を促すもの(食前酒や前菜)になると思っていた(ようである)。]

An old Chinese proverb says that patients with an appetite will not die.

I have a poor appetite and don't want to eat dinner.
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No dish on the menu could please the appetite of the gourmet.
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Don't eat chocolate: it will spoil your appetite for dinner.
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.