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ally (v) [同盟を結ぶ,連携する;同盟させる]

* allied (adj.):同盟している;〜と結びついて;同類の * the Allies (第一次及び第二次大戦時の)連合国,同盟国;味方
* alliance (n) 同盟
But although tact is a virtue, it is very closely allied to certain vices; the line between tact and hypocrisy is a very narrow one.

Yugoslav writer, had visited me earlier in Wales, and through his wide knowledge of both the Western and Communist worlds proved a valuable ally.
[ユーゴースラヴィアの作家,ヴラディミル・デディイエル(Vladimir Dedijer, 1914-1990.11.30:ユーゴスラビアの政治家,歴史家/ウラジミール・デディエ(?))はだいぶ前に,ウェールズ(の自宅)に私を訪ねて来たことがあった。彼の西側世界と共産世界との両方の世界に関する幅広い知識から,彼は貴重な盟友(味方)であることがわかった。

In Europe, the Germans have the advantage; outside Europe, and at sea, the Allies have the advantage. Neither side is able to win such a crushing victory as to compel the other to sue for peace.

There has been in England, ever since the rise of the textile industry in Lancashire, a close alliance between missionaries and the cotton trade, for missionaries teach the savages to cover up the human body and thereby increase the demand for cotton goods.

John and Mary allied themselves with the union against the management.

Great Britain was allied with the United States during World War II.
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The small country allied itself with/to the stronger power.
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