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affirmative (v) [肯定的な,肯定の;積極的な;断定的な]

* affirm (v):(確信して)断言する
* in the affirmative 肯定で、イエスで

* an affirmative vote 賛成票
.. he wrote and asked if I could promise him a restful weekend. I replied confidently in the affirmative, and he came.

Can wisdom in this sense be taught? And, if it can, should the teaching of it be one of the aims of education? I should answer both these questions in the affirmative.
[この意味での知恵は教えることができるであろうか? もし可能であるならば、教育の目的の一つは知恵の教育であるべきである。 私はこの2つの問にイエスと答えよう。
 出典:Bertrand Russell: Knowledge and Wisdom,1954]

That the present relaxation of family ties is in the interest of the good life; B. Russell, affirmative; John Cowper Powys, negative

Cigarette companies should refrain from affirmative advertising.

I'll give you several questions, all of which you must answer in the affirmative.
 出典:『鉄緑会 東大英単語熟語 鉄壁』p.522]

The minister affirmed the government's intention to reduce taxes. / The answer to my request was a strong affirmative.
[ 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.)]