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Portraits from Memory, and Other Essays, 1956, by Bertrand Russell - contents

* Source: Bertrand Russell : Portraits from Memory, and Other Essays (London; Allen & Unwin, 1956)



Adaptation: an Autobiographical Epitome

Six Autobiographical Talks
1. Why I Took to Philosophy
2. Some Philosophical Contacts

3. Experiences of a Pacifist in the First World War
4. From Logic to Politics
5. Beliefs: Discarded and Retained
6. Hopes: Realized and Disappointed

How to Grow Old
Reflections on my Eightieth Birthday

Portraits from Memory
1. Some Cambridge Dons of the 'Nineties
2. Some of my Contemporaries at Cambridge
3. George Bernard Shaw
4. H. G. Wells
5. Joseph Conrad
6. George Santayana
7. Alfred North Whitehead
8. Sidney and Beatrice Webb
9. D. H. Lawrence

Lord John Russell
John Stuart Mill
Mind and Matter
The Cult of 'Common Usage'
Knowledge and Wisdom
A Philosophy for Our Time
A Plea for Clear Thinking
History as an Art
How I Write
The Road to Happiness
Symptoms of Orwell's 1984
Why I am not a Communist
Man's Peril
Steps towards Peace