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Bertrand Russell: The Analysis of Matter, 1927 - contents

* Source: Bertrand Russell: The Analysis of Matter (London; Kegan Paul, 1927. viii,408 p. 23 cm.)


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Preface (Jan. 1927)

Bertrand Russell Quotes 366
01 The nature of the problem.

Pt.1: The logical analysis of physics.
02 Pre-relativity physics.
03 Electrons and protons.
04 The theory of quanta.
05 The special theory of relativity.
06 The general theory of relativity.
07 The method of tensors.
08 Geodesics.
09 Invariants and their pyhsical interpretation.
10 Weyl's theory.
11.The principles of differential laws.
13.Matter and space. 14.The abstractness of physics.

Pt.II: Physics and perception.
15 From primitive perception to common sense.
16 From common sense to physics.
17 What is an empirical science?
18 Our knowledge of particular matters of fact.
19 Data, inferences, hypotheses, and theories.
20 The causal theory of perception.
21 Perception and objectivity.
22 The belief in general laws.
23 Substance.
24 Importance of structure in scientific inference.
25 Perception from the standpoint of physics.
26 Non-mental analogues to perception.

Pt.III: The Structure of the physical world.
27 Particulars and events.
28 The construction of points.
29 Space-time order.
30 Causal lines.
31 Extrinsic causal laws.
32 Physical and perceptual space-time.
33 Periodicity and qualitative series.
34 Types of physical occurrences.
35 Causality and interval.
36 The genesis of space-time.
37 Physics and neutral monism.
38 Summary and conclusion.