バートランド・ラッセル(著),大竹勝(訳)「何を信ずるか」『宗教は必要か』(荒地出版社,1959年刊。201 pp.)所収

原著:What I Believe. New York; E. P. Dutton, & Co., 1925. vii+87 pp.




* 邦訳書では、序文が省略されている。

第1章 自然と人間
第2章 善い生活
n.1 (the good life is ...)
第3章 道徳律
第4章 救済-個人的なものと社会的なもの
第5章 科学と幸福

* 第2章「善い生活(The good life)」に有名な一文("The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge")が含まれている。

There have been at different times and among different people many varying conceptions of the good life. To some extent the differences were amenable to argument; this was when men differed as to the means to achieve a given end. Some think that prison is a good way of preventing crime; others hold that education would be better. A difference of this sort can be decided by suffcient evidence. But some differences cannot be tested in this way. Tolstoy condemned all war; others have held the life of a soldier doing battle for the right to be very noble. Here there was probably involved a real difference as to ends. Those who praise the soldier usually consider the punishment of sinners a good thing in itself; Tolstoy did not think so. On such a matter, no argument is possible. I cannot, therefore, prove that my view of the good life is right; I can only state my view, and hope that as many as possible will agree. My view is this: The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.