Icarus; or, The Future of Science (London; Kegan Paul, 1924. 64 p. 16 cm)

邦訳書:桐生政次(訳)『科学の未来と文明破壊の脅威』(聖山閣,1926年12月 129p. 19cm. 未来叢書・第4篇)

* 右下カラー写真:Philosophical Library 版(1959年刊)には、The Self-Portrait of the Authors が付録としてつけられている。左下写真は、Philosophical Library 版の裏表紙(の出版広告)であり、ラッセルの著作も4点(Essays in Skepticism; The Future of Science; Understanding History; Will to Doubt)のっている。
* The Self-Portrait represents a transcript of a recent television interview with British Broadcasting Corporation correspondent John Freeman, in London.


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1 Introductory (1 緒論)

2 Effects of the Physical Sciences (2 物理学の影響)

3 The Increase of Organization< (3 組織の増進)

4 The Anthropological Sciences (4 人類学的科学)

5 Conclusion(5 結論)

Mr. Haldane's Daedalus has set forth an attractive picture of the future as it f may become through the use of scientific discoveries to promote human happiness. Much as I should like to agree with his forecast, a long experience of statesmen and governments has made me somewhat sceptical. I am compelled to fear that science will be used to promote the power of dominant groups, rather than to make men happy. Icarus, having been taught to fly by his father Daedalus, was destroyed