A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz, by B. Russsell

1st ed.: Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 1900. xvii, 311 p. 23 cm.
2nd ed.(with a new introd.): London; Allen & Unwin, 1937. xxiii,311 p. 23 cm.



01. Leibniz's premisses
02. Necessary propositions and the law of contradiction
03. Contingent propositions and the law of sufficient reason
04. The conception of substance
05. The identity of indiscernibles and the law of continuity; Possibility and compossibility
06. Why Did Leibniz believe in an external world ?
07. The philosophy of matter; (a)As the outcome of the principles of dynamics
08. The philosophy of matter; (b)As explaining continuity and extensions
09. The labyrinth of the continum
10. The theory of space and time and its relation to monadism
11. The nature of monads in general
12. Soul and body
13. Confused and unconscious perception
14. Leibniz's theory of knowledge
15. Proofs of the existence of God
16. Leibniz's ethics