Source: Fact and Fiction, 1961, part II, cahp. 2:What is Democracy?



 ジャクソン時代の米国の民衆は、法律専門家に裏切られる危険に気づき、連邦裁判官ではなく、(地元の)州裁判官を民衆による選挙によって選出すべきだと決意した。けれども、この改善策(remedy 治療法)も、事態を悪化させてしまったことがわかった。裁判官を選出する民衆が、黒幕的なボスに買収され、ボスは子分を裁判官に選出させ、ボスに有利な判決を確実に下せたからである。このボスは、古代ギリシアの(民主主義を食い物にした野心家であった)僭主の地位に似た地位を獲得した。・・・。
( American democracy underwent a great transformation when Andrew Jackson became President. ...
... This has only somewhat delayed matters, since the working-class vote was sufficient to secure the passage of new Amending Acts, but it shows what legal experts can do to defeat the popular will.
In America, when people in Jackson's time became conscious of this danger, they decided that State judges, though not federal judges, should be elected. This remedy, however, proved worse than the disease. It increased the power of the political boss who had secured the election of his favourites to judgeships and could be tolerably certain that his favourites would decide cases as he wished, and not in accordance with the law. In fact, the political boss acquired a position not wholly unlike that of the Greek tyrant ..... In Latin America, which also adopted democratic theory, this has not proved nearly so uniformity possible, and many dictators have risen on the ruins of democracy. )