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バートランド・ラッセル「Open Mind, Open Heart」 n.5

* 出典:もりやつとむ(編著)『ラッセル予想問題と対策』(早稲田予備校,1969年6月刊。194pp.)
* 早慶上智合格新書のなかの1冊

Open Mind and Open Heart, n.5 (★n.4)

開かれた知性と開かれた心 n.5


I believe this to be a complete delusion born of terror. And I think it is a dangerous delusion because it misleads men whose thinking might otherwise be fruitful and thus stands in the way of a valid solution.
That the world is in a bad way is undeniable, but there is not the faintest reason in history to suppose that Christianity offers a way out. Our troubles have sprung, with the inexorability of Greek tragedy, from the First World War, of which the Communists and the Nazis were products. The First World War was wholly Christian in origin. The three Emperors of Germany. Austria-Hungary. and Russia were devout, and so were the more war-like of the British Cabinet.


(1) I believe this の thisは何を指すか。
(2) a complete delusion born of terror を that-clause に書き直せ
(3) I think it is の it は何を指すか。
(4) otherwise を三語に軸直せ。
(5) thus stands の stands の主語を示せ。
(6) the world is in a bad way は英文基本五型中,何文型か
(7) a way の次に補うべき4語を示せ。
(8) of which の部分において,前後の関係を文中の名詞をもて書き直せ
(9) and so were ... の so を文中の語で書き直せ。

terror; fear は一番広い意味の恐怖(心); horror は肉体的反応を引き起す恐怖(心); terror は心身的反応を起こさせるほどの恐怖(心)。
thinking:考えること;思考力(=thought 思考, 思考力,思想)
fruitful: 成果をもたらす(successful)
valid: true or well-grounded
undenaiable: un(=not)+deni(deny)+able(可能な)[=than we cannot deny]
reason: ground 根拠、理由
suppose: expect
offer a way out: 一つの方法をハッキリと提供する
例 speak out; He stands out among them. 彼は目立つ身長だ。
the inexorability of Greek tragedy: ギリシア劇において劇の物語の進展に冷酷な妥協しないで仮借なき事態の展開を示すそのような進み方で。
devout: pious 信心深い < devote 献身する
the more warlike of the British Cabinet:イギリス内閣の一層好戦的な閣僚〔もまたた信心深かった」
cf. the more warIike [minister] of....;(semicolon)の用法は:(colon)の用法と区別されてよい。物や事柄などを列挙して説明する時,semicolonを使う。これに対して,"即ち"というような説明に colon を使う。




(1) if the world returned to Christianity……be solved
(2) a complete delusion that is born of terror
(3) it=this (4) in other case
(5) whose thinking
(6) 第一文型 S+V(=exist)+M(=in a bad way)
(7) a way to settle the troubles (or to solve the problems)
(8) products of the First World War
(9) devout(=pious)