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バートランド・ラッセル「Open Mind, Open Heart」 n.4

* 出典:もりやつとむ(編著)『ラッセル予想問題と対策』(早稲田予備校,1969年6月刊。194pp.)
* 早慶上智合格新書のなかの1冊

Open Mind and Open Heart, n.4

開かれた知性と開かれた心 n.4


With these comforting reflections we go out to do battle with the world; without them our courage might fall. Without them, as things are, we should feel inferior because we have not learned the sentiment of equality. If we could feel genuinely that we are the equals of our neighbours, neither their betters nor their inferiors, perhaps , life would become less of a battle, and we would need less of religion's intoxicating myths to give us courage.
Mankind is in mortal peril, and fear now, as in the past, is inclining men to seek refuge in God. Throughout the West there is a very general revival of religion. Nazis and Communists dismissed Christianity and did things which we deplore. It is easy to conclude that the repudiation of Christianity by Hitler and the Soviet Government is at least in part the cause of our troubles, and that if the world returned to Christianity, our international problems would be solved.


(1), neither their betters nor their inferiorsは、文中如何なる要素か
(2) their betters, their inferiors の their の意味を別語により書き直せ。
(3) now を2語に書き直せ。
(4) the repudiation of Christianity の of の意味
(5) in part を一語に書き直せ
(6) if the world returned to Christianity, の部分のreturned の用法を問う


reflections: thoughts
equals : equal 平等の。形容詞の名詞化したものを複数化した形,例 necessary → necessaries /essence → essentials
mankind :  人間;人類;男。
dismissed < dismiss = dis(=away) + miss (=send) 放逐する,解雇する,却下する
things which we deplore : 「われわれの遺憾にも思う物事」とは,個人の自由と生命の尊重を重視する立場からみて,強制労働収容所・強制移住などを行うスターリニズムやナチズムを指す。



(1) the equals of our neighbours の同格である。
(2) the betters than our meogjbpirs
(3) at present
(4) =to repudiate Chrianity の意味故, of は目的格的の意味の使い方
(5)partly 一語の副詞,形容詞は「前置詞+名詞」の形に書き直されることが多い。