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バートランド・ラッセル 結婚論 第11章
新しい性の自由(松下彰良 訳)

Marriage and Morals, 1929, by Bertrand Russell

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 第十一章 売春 n.9

 ハヴロック・エリス(Havelock Ellis, 1859-1939: 性科学者)は,売春についての非常に興味深い研究の中で,私には妥当とは思えない,売春(制度)に賛成する,ある議論を展開している。エリスは,(その議論を)まず酒神祭(the orgy)の考察で始めている。この酒神祭(酒を飲んでの乱痴気騒ぎ)は,大部分の古代文明に存在していて,普段は(注:at other times 酒神祭の時以外)は抑えていなければならない無政府的な衝動はけ口を与えるものである。彼によれば,売春は,酒神祭から発達したものであり,以前は酒神祭が果たしていた目的を,ある程度,果たしているという。彼によれば,多くの男は,束縛や,礼儀正しさや,因習的な結婚という上品な制限(限界)の中では,完全な満足を得ることができない。そこで,そういう男たちは,時々売春婦(娼婦)のもとを訪れることで,彼らに許された,他のいかなるはけ口よりも反社会性の少ないはけ口を見いだすのだ,と彼は考える。
 しかし,この彼の議論(argument 論証)は,形式はより近代的ではあるけれども,根本的には,レッキーによる議論と変わらない。抑圧されない性生活を送っている性は,男性同様,彼が考察している衝動に駆られやすいので,もし女性の性生活が解放されたならば,男性は,単に金銭目的のプロの(売春を職業としている)女(注:売春婦)とのつきあいをわざわざ求めなくても,問題の衝動を満足させることができるだろう。これこそ,実際,女性の性的解放から期待される大きな利点の一つである。

Chapter XI: Prostitution, n.9

Havelock Ellis, in his very interesting study of prostitution, advances an argument in its favour which I do not believe to be valid. He begins by a consideration of the orgy, which exists in most early civilizations, and affords an outlet for anarchic impulses which at other times have to be controlled. According to him, prostitution developed out of the orgy, and serves in some degree the purpose which the orgy formerly served. Many men, he says, cannot find complete satisfaction within the restraints, the decorum, and the decent limitations of a conventional marriage, and such men, he thinks, find in an occasional visit to a prostitute an outlet less anti-social than any other that is open to them. At bottom, however, this argument is the same as Lecky's, although its form is more modern. Women whose sexual life is uninhibited are as liable as men to the impulses which Havelock Ellis is considering, and if the sexual life of women is liberated, men will be able to find satisfaction for the impulses concerned, without having to seek the company of professionals whose motive is purely pecuniary. This is indeed one of the great advantages to be hoped from the sexual liberation of women. As far as I have been able to observe, women whose opinions and feelings about sex are not subject to the old taboos are able to find and give much fuller satisfaction in marriage than was possible in Victorian days. Wherever the older morality has decayed, prostitution also has decayed. The young man who would formerly have been driven to occasional visits to prostitutes is now able to enter upon relations with girls of his own kind, relations which are on both sides free,
which have a psychological element quite as important as the purely physical, and which involve often a considerable degree of passionate love on both sides. From the point of view of any genuine morality, this is an immense advance upon the older system. Moralists regret it because it is less easy to conceal, but it is after all not the first principle of morality that lapses from virtue should not come to the ears of the moralist. The new freedom between young people is, to my mind, wholly a matter for rejoicing, and is producing a generation of men without brutality and women without finicky fastidiousness. Those who oppose the new freedom should face frankly the fact that they are in effect advocating the continuance of prostitution as the sole safety-valve against the pressure of an impossibly rigid code.
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