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German Social Democracy.

1. With an appendix on social democracy and the woman question in Germany, by Alys Russell.
London, New York, Bombay; Longmans, Green & Co., Dec. 1896. xiv,204 p. 19 cm.

* A course of six lectures delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science, from 12 Feb. to 19 Mar. 1896.
1. Marx and the theoretic basis of social democracy. 2.Lassalle. 3.History of German socialism from the death of Lassalle to the passing of the exceptional law, 1878. 4.Social democracy under the exceptional law, 1878-1890. 5.Organization, agitation, tactics, and programme of social democracy since the fall of the socialist law. 6.The present position of social democracy. Appendix(by Alys Russell) Index.

2. With new preface and without appendix.
London, Allen & Unwin, Apr. 1965. xii,184 p. 20 cm.

* 'I have made no attempt to modify the book in a way compatible with my present opinions'.(From: preface to the 1965 ed.)

3. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1965. xii,184 p. 21 cm.

An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry.

1. Cambridge, Cambridge Univ. Press, June 1897. xvi,201 p. 23 cm.
Introduction: our problems defined by its relation to logic, psychology and mathematics. 1.A short history of meta-geometry. 2.Critical account of some previous philosophical theories of geometry. 3.-A.The axioms of projcective geometry. 3.-B.The axioms of metrical geometry. 4.Philosophical consequences.

2. With a new foreward by Morris Kline.
New York; Dover, c1956. xxii,201 p. 21 cm.




A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz; with an appendix of leading passages.

1st ed.
1. Cambridge; Cambridge Univ. Press, 1900. xvii, 311 p. 23 cm.

* Delivered as lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 18 Jan. to 17 Mar. 1899.
Preface. 1. Leibniz's premisses. 2.Necessary propositions and the law of contradiction. 3.Contingent propositions and the law of sufficient reason. 4.The conception of substance. 5.The identity of indiscernibles and the law of continuity; Possibility and compossibility. 6.Why Did Leibniz believe in an external world? 7.The philosophy of matter; (a)As the outcome of the principles of dynamics. 8.The philosophy of matter; (b)As explaining continuity and extensions. 9.The labyrinth of the continum. 10.The theory of space and time and its relation to monadism. 11.The nature of monads in general. 12.Soul and body. 13.Confused and unconscious perception. 14.Leibniz's theory of knowledge. 15.Proofs of the existence of God. 16.Leibniz's ethics. Appendix. Index.

2nd ed.(With a preface to the 2nd ed. by B. Russell)
1. London; Allen & Unwin, 1937. xxiii,311 p. 23 cm.

* RC/国会/東大・哲学・倫理/京大図・教育・倫理・教養・人文研/一橋/筑波/東北大/九大/金沢大/広大/高知大/早/慶

The Principles of Mathematics.

1st ed.
1. Cambridge; Cambridge Univ. Press, 1903. xxix,534 p. 25 cm.
* 標題紙には、v.1と書かれているが、(Whitehead と共同研究することとなったため)v.2以降は出版されなかった。
Preface. 1.The indefinables of mathematics. 2.Number. 3.Quantity. 4.Order. 5.Infinity and continuity. 6.Space. 7.Matter and motion. Appendix A: The logical and arithmetical doctrines of Frege. Appendix B: The doctrine of types.

2nd ed.(With a new introd. by B. Russell)
1. London; Allen & Unwin, 1937. xxxix,534 p. 24 cm.

2. New York; Norton, 1938. xxxix,534 p. 24 cm.