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★ fragment【(n) 断片;破片;(詩歌などの)断章 || (v) 砕ける,ばらばらになる】

frag = break (fragment と fraction は同語源)
* fragmentary (adj.):断片的な
* fragmentation (n):分裂,破砕;分裂(破砕)したもの
* in fragments ばらばらになって
If you can do this, you will have instilled some fragment of wisdom.

Any appearance to the contrary, in the world we know, can be proved logically -- so he believes -- to be entirely due to our fragmentary piecemeal view of the universe.

Beyond this, the armies of the United States have been using experimental weapons such as chemicals, gas, napalm, phosphorous, 'lazy dog' fragmentation weapons and bacteriological devices.  .

Slowly but surely, he pieced together the fragments of the dream.

The window was broken, and fragments of glass were scattered on the floor.
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She dropped the bowl and it broke into tiny fragments.
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