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★ feeble (adj.)【(老齢などで)弱々しい, 虚弱体質の;意志の弱い;内容の乏しい】

* feeble-minded 精神薄弱の;低能な
* feeble knowledge 貧しい知識
It is remarkable that, ever since the time of Seguin, progress in educational methods with young children has come from study of idiots and the feeble-minded, who are, in certain respects, still mentally infants.
[セガン(E. O. Seguin, 1812-1880: 白痴研究で有名)の時代以来,幼児(たち)に対する教育方法の進歩は,ある面でまだ精神的に幼児である 白痴(知的障がい者)や精神薄弱者の研究に端を発していることは注目に値する。

Reforms in education have come very largely through the study of the insane and feeble-minded, because they have not been held morally responsible for their failures and have therefore been treated more scientifically than normal children.

Owing to my being still very feeble, we were anxious to avoid all unnecessary fatigues, but the journalists proved a very difficult matter.

Littlewood hastily made a very feeble joke at which we all laughed much more than its merits warranted.

He gave his seat to a feeble old man on the bus.

The old man was so feeble that he couldn't so much as stand up on his own.
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You'll find your grandfather is a bit feebler than when you last saw him.
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