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★ fascinate (v)【to attract and hold the interest or attention of 魅惑する;悩殺する,魂を奪う】

* fascinating (adj.):魅惑的な,うっとりさせる(ような)
* fascination (n):魅惑
But like a rabbit fascinated by a snake we stare at the peril without knowing what to do to avert it.

It (= the town) consisted, so far as I could see at that moment, entirely of Polish soldiers and Scotch girls, the Polish soldiers very gallant, and the Scotch girls very fascinated.

When you find yourself inclined to brood on anything, no matter what, the best plan always is to think about it even more than you naturally would, until at last its morbid fascination is worn off.

The paintings absolutely fascinated me.

The subject of the origin of the life has long fascinated scientists.
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I was fascinated to see how skilfully the old craftsman worked.
[ 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.]