title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-128 asylum (n): 亡命,一時的避難;(一般に)保護,避難所;(障害児、孤児などの)保護施設 - Bertrand Russell のページ
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asylum (n) [(政治犯などの)亡命,一時的避難;(一般に)保護,避難所;(障害児、孤児などの)保護施設 ]

* seek political asylum 政治的亡命を求める
It was only many years later that I discovered she had a son in an asylum.
 出典:ラッセル『自伝』第1巻 第1章「年のとり方

The right of asylum for political refugees that used to be England's boast has now been abandoned by the Home Office, though perhaps it may be restored as the result of agitation.

seek [ask for] political asylum in America
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The government intends to grant political asylum.
 出典:『キクタン super 12000』p.291]

There was a nationwide debate on whether the asylum laws should be changed.
 出典: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English, new ed.