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arctic (adj.) [北極の,北極地方の;極寒の]

* Arctic (n):北極地方

* the North Pole 北極
* The Arctic Circle 北極圏
* (the) Arctic 北極地方
* antarctic 南極の(anti (反) + arctic)
Vavilov, the most distinguished geneticist that Russia has produced in recent times, was sent to perish miserably in the Arctic because he would not subscribe to Stalin's ignorant belief in the inheritance of acquired characters.

They had also the leisure of mind for disinterested curiosity, they travelled in Italy and picked up old masters, they conversed with Arctic explorers and speculated about the Northwest Passage, and they were interested in the experiments of the ingenious Mr. Boyle, who was known as the father of chemistry and as the son of the Earl of Cork.

He decided to take part in their arctic adventure.

He made the expedition to the Arctic last year.
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My bedroom was arctic (= arctic conditions).
 出典: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.