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abide (v) [我慢する;(abide by で,規則・法令などを)守る;(古語)とどまる;住む/(活用)abide,abode,abode]

* abiding (adj.):長続きする,永久的な
* abode (n):(法)住所,住居
* a person of [with] no fixed abode 住所不定の人/ the right of abode 居住権
Man is perpetually toiling, and matter is perpetually in motion yet nothing abides.

The satisfaction that we felt then in our companionship has grown, and grows seemingly without limit, into an abiding and secure happiness and is the basis of our lives.

If law-abiding citizens are to be protected against unjust persecution by the police, there must be two police forces and two Scotland Yards, one designed, as at present, to prove guilt, the other to prove innocence.

I wanted to think my own thoughts, find my own friends, and choose my own abode, without regard to tradition or elders or anything but my own tastes.

For a long time after this I did not have a fixed abode, and thought it not likely that I should ever have one. I regretted this profoundly..

I cannot abide listening to such a boring lecture again.

abide the consequences of one's deed
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I can't abide rude people.
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