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assess (v) [(財産などを)査定する;(価値を)評価する]

* assessment (n):査定;アセスメント
It is not easy to assess the importance of John Stuart Mill in nineteenth-century England.
[ジョン・スチュアート・ミル(注:John Stuart Mill, 1806-1873。英国の思想家で、『ミル自伝』や『自由論』で有名。/因みに、ミルはラッセルの名付け親)の19世紀の英国における重要性を評価することは簡単ではない。]

Meantime, as I assessed the response that my broadcast had achieved and considered what should be done next, I had realised that the point that I must concentrate upon was the need of co-operation among nations.

We wished to form some assessment of what, if anything, might most effectively be urged to help to settle matters between Jews and Arabs concerning the question of the Palestine refugees.

The new tests are intended to assess their practical intelligence.

We must assess how important the issues are.
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The value of the house was assessed at $400,000.
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It's difficult to assess the effects of these changes.
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