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arrest [(v) 逮捕する || (n) 逮捕]
I should at once say that I cannot suggest any form of demonstration which one can guarantee will not lead to arrest.

When, by order of King Charles II, an officer came to arrest him, the officer, who was a gentleman and did not like the job, took off his hat to Fox, who retorted by exclaiming, 'Repent, thou beast!' It was not the officer's arresting him that he minded, but his taking off his hat.

Added to this, were the arrests made during the general scrum of the September 17th sit-down when track could hardly be kept of who might be arrested and who not.

If a policeman fails to arrest a criminal with a gun, he may himself get shot.

You are under "arrest!"
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A man has been arrested in connection with the robbery.
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