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alien (adj.) [(adj.) 外国の;異質の;調和しないで || (n):外国人;在留外国人;異星人,宇宙人]

* alienate (v):遠ざける,不和にする;譲渡する
* alienation (n):疎外;譲渡

They protested also against alien domination wherever there was a strong national sentiment running counter to it.

The man who lives in the middle of a large continent, unless he has enough money and leisure for long journeys, is brought much less in contact with alien customs and ways of living.

He will proclaim facts which the powers that be wish to conceal; he will deny falsehoods designed to alienate sympathy from those who need it.

Alien snakes have crossed the ocean in the landing gear of airplanes.

The idea of wearing shoes inside our homes is alien to our culture.
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Everything in the country seemed alien to me.
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By adopting this policy they risk alienating many of their supporters.
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