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abuse [(v) 乱用する,悪用する;(信頼など)裏切る;虐待する || (n) 乱用,誤用;虐待;悪口;(複数形で)悪弊,弊害]

* ab = out , away || abuse = abnormal + use
* child abuse 児童虐待
* abusive (adj.):口汚い 【abusive language 悪態】
Your letter consists of vulgar abuse. The remark about crawling upon my belly to Moscow is an invention of my opponents, if it has ever been made at all.
 出典:ラッセル『拝啓バートランド・ラッセル様− 一般市民との往復書簡』の中の「モスクワに平身低頭?」]

'But now I just want to say how it's difficult, when one has embarked upon a course which invites a greater or less degree of persecution and obloquy and abuse, to find instead that one is welcomed as I have been today.'

The bulk of the population feels that American ways are the only natural ways, American forms of government the natural forms of government, and American abuses only such as human nature makes inevitable.

There should be laws that punish the people who abuse their power.

The politician abused power and tried to pass laws for his own good.
 出典:『鉄緑会 東大英単語熟語 鉄壁』,p.507]

He greeted me with a stream of abuse. / I'm afraid the system is open to abuse
[ 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.]