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aptitude (n) [適性,才能,素質;(学習などの)覚えのよさ,利発さ]

* apt (adj.):適した,適当な(fit)
* adapt = apt + ad (=to) → 適応させる
* have an aptitude for 〜の才能がある
* aptitude test 適性検査
No doubt the word 'intelligence' properly signifies rather an aptitude for acquiring knowledge than knowledge already acquired.

A community which wished to have its doctoring done efficiently would select for medical training those young people who showed most keenness and aptitude for the work.
* wished ここでは仮定法
[地域社会が医療(地域医療)を効果的に行ないたいと思ったら(注:wished 仮定),地域社会は,医者としての仕事(医療行為)に対して熱意と適性を最も示した若者を医学訓練のために選ぶであろう。

Mothers who feel baffled and incompetent when faced with their children as many mothers do, should have no hesitation in having their children cared for by women who have an aptitude for this work and have undergone the necessary training.

Young people are apt to make hasty decisions.

His aptitude for dealing with children got him the job.
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She showed great aptitude tor learning languages.
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