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arbitrary (adj.) [恣意的な,任意の(random);独断的な]
Getting the multiplication table right is, of course, accuracy as to matter of fact ; it only becomes logical accuracy at a much later stage. Mathematics is the natural vehicle for this teaching, but it fails if allowed to appear as a set of arbitrary rules.

And this he believes not from any mystic conception of the wisdom of the plain man, but as the best practical device for putting the reign of law in place of the reign of arbitrary force.

We value art and science and literature, because these are things in which we excel. But whales might value spouting, and donkeys might maintain that a good bray is more exquisite than the music of Bach. We cannot prove them except by the exercise of arbitrary power. All ethical systems, in the last analysis, depend upon weapons of war.

The law protects individual freedom against arbitrary rule.
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I didn't know anything about the topic, so my choice of the books was arbitrary.
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The choice of players for the team seemed completely arbitrary.
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