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一連番号(出版年)/書誌事項 一連番号(出版年)/書誌事項
Philosophical Essays.

1.London & New York; Longmans, Nov. 1910. vi,185 p. 24 cm.
Preface(July 1910) 1.The elements of ethics. 2.The free man's worship. 3.The study of mathematics. 4.Pragmatism. 5.William James's conception of truth. 6.The monistic theory of truth. 7.On the nature of truth and falsehood.

2.London; Allen & Unwin, July 1966. 159 p. 22 cm.

* 'This volume to which this is a preface is essentially a reprint of a book, with the same title, pub. in 1910. However, two essays in that volume, namely, 'The free man's worship' and 'The study of mathematics' are not included in the present volume. They are replaced by an article on history and one on 'Poincare's Science and Hypothesis.'(From: Preface to the 1966 ed.)

3.New York; Simon & Schuster, 1967. 159 p. 21 cm. (A touchstone book)
* First American ed.

Principia Mathematica.

1st ed.
1.Cambridge; The University Press, 1910-1913. 3 vols.
Vol.1(Dec. 1910): xlvi, 674 p.
Vol.2(Apr. 1912): xxxi, 742 p.
Vol.3(Apr. 1913): viii, 491 p.
Vol.1: 1.Preface. Alphabetical list of propositions referred to by names. Introduction. Pt.1: Mathematical logic. Pt.2: Prolegomena to cardinal arithemetic. Appendix.
Vol.2: Prefatory statement of symbolic conventions. Pt3: Cardinal arithmetic. Pt.4: Relation-arithmetic. Pt.5: Series.
Vol.3: Preface to vol.3. Pt.5: Series(continued) Pt.6: Quantity.

2nd ed. (with an intorod. to the 2nd ed.)
1.Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 1925-1927. 25 cm.
Vol.1(Mar. 1925): xlvi, 674 p.
Vol.2(Feb. 1927): xxxi, 742 p.
Vol.3(Mar. 1927): viii, 491 p.

2.Principia Mathematica to *56.
Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 1962. xlvi,410 p. 21 cm.
* An abridged edition of vol.1.

The Problems of Philosophy.

1.London; Oxford University Press, Jan. 1912. 167p. (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, n.40)
Preface. 1. Appearance and reality. 2.The existence of matter. 3.The nature of matter. 4.Idealism. 5.Knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description. 6.On induction. 7.On our knowledge of general principles. 8.How a priori knowledge is possible. 9.The world of universals. 10.On our knowledge of universals. 11.In intuitive knowledge. 12.Truth and falsehood. 13.Knowledge, error, and probable opinion. 14.The limits of philosophical knowledge. 15.The value of philosophy. Bibliographical note. Index.

* 'Shortly after the writing of Principia Mathematica was finished, I was invited by Gilbert Murray to write a little book for the Home University Library setting out in popular terms a general outline of my philosophy'(From: My Philosophical Development, chap. 9)

2.London; Williams & Norgate, 1912. viii,255 p. 17cm. (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, n.40)

3.London; Thornton butterworth, 1912. viii,255 p. (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, n.40)

4.New York; Henry Holt, 1912. viii,255 p. (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, n.40)

5.London; Oxford University Press, 1959. 98 p. 20 cm. (Oxford U. P. paperback)

6.Tokyo; Maruzen, 1960. 167 p. 17 cm. (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, n.40)


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